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Did SummerSlam live up to its hype? Hard to argue against it.  Smacktalk Radio Live returns to break down all the latest fallout from what could be considered PPV of the year.  Was teasing Daniel Bryan as the new WWE Champion, only to lose to Randy Orton a short time later considered a 'good business decision'? Is the McMahon family teaching the WWE Universe a thing or two about how this business works going to fly? Where does CM Punk land now after his loss to Brock Lesnar? A great time for professional wrestling; tons of questions, a boatload of speculation.  We chat with our 'Local Insider' Corey Basso, and a fan who traveled to the Staples Center to watch SummerSlam live, CAVEmag.com's Jay Adams.  Come join the conversation, hit play, and take part in wrestling talk radio. Smacktalk Radio Live, it's what we do! - @SRLradio on Twitter or hit us up at Stitcher.com

We are officially on the road to "Summerslam" and a lot of big things are in the works with the WWE.  John Cena has hand-selected Daniel Bryan to challenge for the WWE Championship and CM Punk has let it be known he's coming for Paul Heyman except he has to get through Brock Lesnar first.  We are just over 4 weeks away from the PPV, and this past Monday alone did a good job heating up the summer fun.  James and Corey run down their thoughts and opinions on the week it was in pro wrestling, starting with this past Sunday's "Money in the Bank" PPV.  In our 'Local Wrestling Scene' tonight, we speak with the Canadian National Wrestling Alliance's (CNWA) Vance Nevada, after news headlines emerged last week that the group is disbanding and CNWA is closing it's doors (33:30 min mark).  We get the exclusive on why this is happening, and maybe throw a little controversy in along the way.  Come join the conversation and take part.  Wrestling. Talk. Radio. Smacktalk Radio Live. @SRLradio on Twitter.

After a summer break, we return to the air!  We couldn't think of a better way to do so, than by welcoming Canadian WWE legend, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart.  We chat with him about a variety of topics including the current Canadian wrestling scene and also get his take on the concept of the 'Money in the Bank' ladder match.  Speaking of which, this Sunday is 'MITB' 2013 and not only do we catch ourselves up on what's happened since we last spoke, but we rundown the upcoming show this Sunday.  We're talking Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Mark Henry, Wade Barrett and more.  Come get caught up on the latest in pro wrestling, just hit the 'play' button below.  Happy to be back, and looking forward to the future.  Wrestling Talk Radio. Smacktalk Radio Live. @SRLradio on Twitter.

Trying something new, tonight we broadcasted live exactly 1.5 hours before WWE presented "Extreme Rules".  We ran down our thoughts on every match heading into the PPV, and were lucky enough to do it alongside Philadelphia's own, Brian Soscia.  Will it be John Cena or Ryback walking out Extreme Rules as champion?  Is Triple H actually going to go one-up on Brock Lesnar?  What about Chris Jericho vs Fandango? Is it Summer Rae's night?  We talk about the past 6 weeks heading up to tonight's PPV, hope you enjoy everyone.  Find us on Stitcher Radio at Stitcher.com and also on Twitter @SRLradio

As we inch closer to WWE "Extreme Rules", we debate what's drawing us to this show.  Is it the possible rebuild of Brock Lesnar?  Is it the idea that Ryback could be the next WWE Champion? Or perhaps the word 'Extreme' just brings something special to the table.  Regardless, we break down the week it was in pro wrestling, talking all the latest.  In our 'Post-2-Post Report', we are joined by WrestlingINC.com's Raj Giri, who stops by to help catch everyone up on the 'business of the business''.  We're looking to grow our wrestling community!  Send a friend to @SRLradio and don't hesitate to join the conversation yourself, we would love to hear from you.  Send your thoughts on the week it was in pro wrestling to onair@smacktalkradiolive.com and you'll be entered into a chance to win a 'Wrestlemania 29' Blu-Ray DVD. Find us on iTunes.

It's our opinion, but the words 'Post-Wrestlemania lull' couldn't be more evident these days.  On tonight's show, James and Corey discuss the uninspired booking by the WWE lately.  Is there a long-term plan with the product? Are fans really excited for what lies down the road? Are you interested in what they are putting out there?  Hey... at least the wrestling on RAW was great right?  We break down all the latest from the week it was in pro wrestling, chatting John Cena, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and more as we head towards 'Extreme Rules'.  Join the conversation! Send a friend to @SRLradio on Twitter and hit us up at Stitcher.com

It's an interesting time for the WWE.  Wrestlemania 29 has come and gone, and the argument to keep you interested is being made.  Is it working?  Definitely debatable, which makes for great conversation.  Tonight, Corey and James discuss the Ryback vs John Cena program.  Is this selling 'Extreme Rules'?  They chat about The Shield, and just what happens with this trio that is on the roll of a lifetime.  Triple H vs Brock Lesnar...is it compelling?  In our 'Local Wrestling Scene' we chat with ASW star Matt XStatic who wrestles his last match in the lower mainland this weekend in Cloverdale against Richie Destiny.  Great insight into an up-and-comer within the pacific northwest, and a must-hear.  Hey, you like this show we call Smacktalk Radio Live? Help us out.  Send a friend to @SRLradio or leave us some feedback on iTunes.  Find us on Stitcher.

This week, James and Corey try to make the most of a lacklustre Monday Night RAW which took place from Greenville, South Carolina.  Trying to find the good in what's going on, they chat about Brock Lesnar/Triple H III, as well as Ryback's turn to the darkside as he sets his sights on the WWE Champion John Cena, and CM Punk taking time away from a roster that lacks certain starpower.  It's an interesting time for the WWE, as it seems increasingly clear scrambling has been a result of the Rock getting injured at Wrestlemania 29.   Take the bad with the good, it's what pro wrestling is all about...and we just like to talk about it. @SRLradio on Twitter, iTunes and Stitcher.

What was an amazing weekend shared by the wrestling community, is now a great lasting memory. Wrestlemania weekend from NY/NJ has come and gone.  Back in the Smacktalk Studios, Corey and James sit down tonight and essentially talk off the top of their heads about the week it was.  What was the vibe  in the stadiums like for Wrestlemania and Monday Night RAW?  How did it come across on TV?  Were the shows all they were hyped up to be?  The 'Starsky and Hutch' of wrestling run down their initial thoughts heading forward as we now move towards post-Wrestlemania...always interesting.  Come join the conversation and have some fun...Smacktalk Radio Live. Wrestling. Talk. Radio. @SRLradio on Twitter

It's late in New York City, so tonight unfortunately we're cutting it short.  It's the night before the biggest night in pro wrestling, Wrestlemania 29, and Corey sits down outside Madison Square Garden with Philadelphia's own Brian Soscia.  Together, Corey and Brian chat about the Hall of Fame which took place minutes before this recording, and talk about the big three matches heading into Wrestlemania tomorrow.  A great tradition carried on from last year, Brian and Corey give their thoughts before the big night.  There was a lot more planned for tonight, but it's past 3AM and it's time to head to bed.  Enjoy Wrestlemania 29 everyone, we'll see you on the other side!  Make sure to sit back, enjoy, and most importantly, be entertained.  -Corey

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